100+ proteins in a day

No cloning necessary. You can synthesize growth factor, kinase, membrane proteins, and more in a day.


Translation at 5.5 ml scale is just $500. You may get around 1 mg protein with this cost.

We can help you out

For those who are working on proteome, drug discovery, target validation and/or anything related to proteins.

Protein Synthesis

The power of flexible truncation without cloning

A fragment of cDNA can produce proteins of your choice, and there is no need of cloning even for truncations

Tagging on C-terminus as well as N-terminus

We invented a whole new transcription scheme which you can put the tag to C-terminus as well as N-terminus. With this, a much more precise screening, assay and/or analysis on interaction between proteins can be performed.

Growth factor, Kinase, membrane proteins and more

 You can synthesize the proteins which were considered very difficult to synthesize such as growth factor, transcription factor, kinase, ion channel, receptor, transporter, and more, all having biological activity.

For those who are outside of Japan, please check other product using wheat germ based protein synthesis technology.

Growth Factors

Growth Factors for stem cell culture by our plant based technology

We can produce Growth Factors such as bFGF, IGF and more. They are very low cost and be of any species such as homo sapiens, bos taurus, gallius gallius domesticus, thunnus orientalis and others. Because of our wheat germ based technology, these growth factors is not derive from animals and good for regenerative medicine product and cell based cultured meat.

Synthesized bFGF in a wheat germ lysate has higher proliferation activity than other purified recombinant bFGF because wheat germ lysate does not have endotoxin.
You can synthesize bFGF, dilute 1000x or 1500x and just use for cell culture. 
Also, you can synthesize bFGF and IGF and so on at a time in one tube.

If you are interested in growth factors by plant based technology, please contact us at contact@nuprotein.jp.


First ever all-in-one kit containing PCR enzyme, transcription reagents and transcription reagents is now on sale.

With our PCR enzyme, 2 step PCR cycle can be realized and brings more accurate and faster template. Also you do not need to consider primer condition any more. Hassle free!

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