Development Period:  3.8 billion years

3.8 billion-year long refinements and modifications made protein synthesis system flawless. Any kind of organism, from bacterium to human, has such a beautiful and amazing system. However, it is quite difficult to synthesize proteins artificially

Is there an easier way to synthesize proteins? Our researched started from this simple question. Now we found the answer, and our findings can help the people who are struggling with synthesizing proteins as well as people that are suffering because these proteins are not available.

We launched the company, NUProtein, originating in Nagoya University, to provide these findings and technologies globally so you do not have to struggle with your proteins anymore.

CEO: Masataka Minami
EVP: Hiroaki Tada
CTO: Mika Nomoto
Advisor: Yasuomi Tada (Professor at Nagoya Univ.)

We are looking for team members. If you are interested in joining us to expand the horizons of proteins, please contact us.